This took hours but it was worth clearing and restoring Viole’s new art to clean HQ quality (and it’s a bit of a let down that we never really get full art for all the characters). Serge’s wasn’t in my ability to do and… Olivia’s, I didn’t even want to bother with, given her stance and “outfit.”

The easy part was the chair. The hardest was the back of it, Viole’s bow and the back of his hair. Not to mention removing the logo. (I think it should be a rule of thumb for any gaming industry. They’re free to put their name on the art! Just don’t put it on the character, especially if it’s the only one we’ll be given. Slight pet peeve. :B)

The lines for the Awakening art are surprisingly bold, but that made it much more easier to trace the path and not let it be uneven.

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