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Day 14 - Favorite Refreshing Unit

Honorable mentions go to Ninian and Nils, Nils entirely because of his goofy little refreshing animation.

tbh I’m not sure if I like Olivia as much as I do Reyson (because I like Reyson A LOT), but I do love her dearly. And really, often when I’m just drawing Reyson on my own time I draw him scowling, so I wanted to draw him happy for once. You know, let him have fun and dance with a pretty beorc girl. I feel like Reyson probably would like Olivia if they met, though he’d probably get a little frustrated with her lack of self-esteem. And of course he’d only admit to finding a human girl charming under duress.


Anyone remember that Figma Lucina prototype we saw a year ago? It’s finally coming out.

Holy wow. That coloring looks nice!


What hair color should Gerome have? I am debating between red or black. DX I personally prefer black. ><

Brown (Frederick), Black (Lon’qu) or Blonde (Vaike or Libra) compliments Gerome’s color scheme best, so I would pick one of these three (having a personal favorite for him when he gets Frederick’s hair color).

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This just in: I’m still not over how cute of a family those three make, and how cute of a pair those two are. Someone call life alert.

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I was so happy when I found out there was a fe_69min on twitter. Really happy!


I’m a huge dork who made these Marth thingies.

Free to use just credit me.


Justice cabal as pre-schoolers in the sandbox during recess for school au for fe_69min <:


I don’t ship canon a lot, but Boyd/Mist makes my heart swell. I’m so glad they got an ending together.”

We need more people who like Boyd/Mist anyway.

Sousuke Yamazaki || Episode 4

Say’ri VS Conqueror Walhart

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